After months of sowing seeds, watching plants grow and capturing the vibrant, colourful Grow seed flowers on camera, a winner has been announced in St George's Wild Flower Photo Competition.

Using the Grow seeds that everyone in the Georgian family received earlier this year, we asked members of the Georgian family to sow their seeds, watch them grow and then send us some photos of the best flowers, and we were not disappointed. We have received some beautiful images of wild flowers, full of colour and life, in all different shapes and sizes.

After much deliberation, the winner of the Wild Flower Photo Competition is...Sophie Hall from Second Year (see photos above and below).

Sophie brilliantly photographed her wild flowers once they had bloomed, with her photos showing intricate details of each flower in the frame. Speaking about her wild flowers, Sophie said: "They were lovely, but bloomed at different times!" Sophie was presented with an Amazon voucher in assembly on Wednesday 20 September, where she was cheered on and congratulated by her peers.

The whole purpose of the competition was to celebrate the spirit of growth and let the Georgian family know about St George's Grow. Grow is your chance to play an essential role in the future of the school – ensuring that it can continue to offer the very best to its students. Grow resonates with growth in knowledge, spirit, confidence, facilities, opportunities and wisdom. By giving to Grow, you could help ensure that we can continue to offer the best education to every student who steps onto our campuses.

To find out more about how you can play an essential role in the future of the school, please click HERE.