Activity Centre

Sports and activity opportunities for all

As we look to the future, St George’s is going to celebrate this special anniversary in 2019 with an exciting new architectural development for the College. It’s a development that will transform our current sports facilities and leave a lasting legacy for both current and future generations of Georgians.

The Activity Centre forms part of our 20 year plans for our Schools, following on from the overwhelmingly successful completion of 'The Ark' at the Junior School in 2014 and to be followed by major new teaching spaces at the College.

Originally built in 1984, when St George’s College was a smaller predominantly boys' school, the existing sports hall is a simple, functional building providing basic facilities to fulfil the curriculum. The new Activity Centre will bring our sports facilities into alignment with the number and gender of our children. It will provide inspiration for our students and the community to engage in physical activity, whilst also developing elite athletes in line with our national profile.