Supporting St George's

'Development' is not a synonym for Fundraising'. It is the process of creating and enhancing relationships with our supporters and engaging with them, it builds their interest in our mission, develops a passion in them for our mission and a commitment to the School’s future, encouraging them to support without having to ask and maintaining the relationship so that they will continue to give.

Fundraising is a component of the Development process. We hope that all members of the Georgian Family will consider contributing in some way to providing a St George’s perfectly balanced education so that students can leave as well rounded confident individuals. As a school, St George’s has an ethos which encourages all to give back to the school community and the wider world. Our teams' new mission is to create a culture of ‘Giving’. St George’s students have benefitted over many years from projects funded by the generosity of the Georgian Family. These have included enabling academically able students to be awarded 100% free places through our Assisted Places Scheme Fund, sports facilities such as the astro surfaces and grand pianos, not just for the musically talented but for all to enjoy.

As we look to the future we have a vision that will provide all students with the best opportunities to enable them to flourish and one of our newest major campaigns will be to realign our current ‘Giving’ channels to offer clarity in how we can all give and what value this has to our school and the wider community. The 150th Anniversary Campaign will be our next major fundraising effort and will offer our students the opportunity of benefitting from a new state of the art Activities Centre. It will be a dynamic hub for the entire school community, hosting whole school events currently impossible indoors as well as major social community occasions.