Soon after the Reunite programme began to take shape with the aim of reuniting former students with each other and with the school, our network grew and grew from a mere 1200 records to in excess of 12,000. Our Georgian Family now includes not only former students, but also former staff, current parents and past parents.

Through Reunite we communicate news about members of the Georgian Family and celebrate their success, we help friends find each other, we help people find jobs and enable our current students to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience our former students and parents can offer them through our careers programme.

Our reunion events take place at school, around the UK and around the world. Sometimes they are small and informal, enjoying a chat and exchange of memories over a drink and sometimes they are formal and large scale. We can communicate with every member of the Georgian Family in whatever way is preferred. Some prefer a chat on the phone or popping in for a chat and a look round the school, emails, a handwritten letter or a message on Facebook.