Young Geographers travel across different World Time Zones in special workshop

The Junior School Young Geographers Club hosted an exciting workshop on Thursday 15 November, with special guest Simon Lewis leading a session on World Time Zones. 

Simon is the Head of Geography at St Andrew's School, Woking, he is the ISEB (Independent Schools Examinations Board) Geography Editor, a Common Entrance Setter and Team Leader and author of several key Geography books. Simon started the workshop by explaining the reason why we have time zones using a practical model. The pupils also learnt that China has two time zones, USA four and Russia seven different time zones. Mr Lewis was very impressed by the knowledge displayed by all those in attendance.

The main activity in the session involved tracking different time zones using atlases, which really engaged the pupils and brought out their competitive spirit. St George's was once again delighted to welcome pupils from St James' CE Primary School and parents to the session. Many thanks to Simon for helping celebrate Geography with a new generation of young people, their parents and grandparents.

In the words of Simon Lewis, ‘Geography is the only discipline on the school curriculum that has the necessary breadth and overview to understand complex real world issues’.

15 November 2018

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