Years 3 and 4 put all the pieces together at special LEGO workshop

Years 3 and 4 pupils were treated to a very special LEGO masterclass at the end of November as they all built and raced their very own LEGO race cars in an extremely hands-on workshop.

With LEGO books, DVDs and other interactive LEGO materials some of the most sought after in the Junior School Library, the librarians thought it was only fair to treat the children to a workshop they will not forget in a hurry. Led by JuniorSTEM, the children were in for a real treat.

Not only did they get to build their LEGO racers, but they also learnt to programme sensors, lights and motors so that they could bring their cars to life!

After a brief introduction from the JuniorSTEM helper on how to operate all of the different equipment, it was time to start building. Bricks, motors and sensors made up the base of the cars and the children had a lot of fun working out which parts went where and finally getting their cars to move. Each group was given a special iPad that they configured to make the car move backwards and forwards and even make sounds if they wished!

Once the cars had been given life, it was then time to decorate them and add any special features before the best part of the workshop took place...the races!

Each group went up against their classmates and using their iPads they maneuvered the cars on to the start line. Once the flags dropped, the children desperately urged their LEGO cars on and celebrated jubilantly if they were victorious. It was a lot of fun!

St George's would like to thank JuniorSTEM for providing such a fun afternoon for our pupils. 

28 November 2018

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