Year 5 put through their paces as they celebrate Victorian Day

Year 5 pupils at St George's Junior school were transported back to a bygone era at the end of November, as they took part in a very special Victorian school day. 

As part of their History studies, the children were an unfamiliar sight to passers-by as they arrived at the Junior School adorned in typical Victorian garments, a far cry from today's modern uniforms. Their classroom was also transformed into a old Victorian style classroom, set in 1899, with desks in rows and a range of Victorian school artefacts on display.

The strict ‘new’ Victorian school teacher assessed the standard of the class in various subjects, including handwriting, spelling, drill, tables and arithmetic and the children got to experience writing with a quill and ink. They were also told about some of the punishments they may have faced if they were naughty in the Victorian period!

Mr Harold, Curriculum Leader for Humanities, commented ‘History days like these are really important for the children, as it brings the subject alive and gives them a proper understanding of what life at school was like in the Victorian era!’

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and truly entered into the spirit of the day. A big thanks to the wonderful kitchen staff who also put on a hearty lunch of gruel - which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

(No Victorian children were actually harmed throughout the day)

29 November 2018

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