Year 5 learn about the Muslim faith on visit to Shah Jahan Mosque

Year 5 visited the beautiful Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking on Wednesday 30 January, as part of their topic on Islam and to learn more about the Muslim faith with some hands-on experience.

All of the girls from Year 5 had to bring scarves with them so that they could cover their heads once inside the Mosque, thus respecting this Muslim custom.

During their time at the mosque, the children were taken on a tour of the outside of the various buildings, they had a look inside the mosque itself to look at Muslim artefacts, they visited both the male and female prayer halls and were given a talk by the manager of the mosque to learn a bit more about the Mosque's customs.

The pupils were enthralled by the visit and were eager to give feedback to their teachers:

Stella said "I enjoyed going to the Shah Jahan Mosque because I learned how Muslims pray and many other facts about their religion. My favourite part was hearing the imam pray which sounded like singing. It was really interesting to see in real life what we have been learning about in the classroom."

Whilst Joe proclaimed, "The mosque was really beautiful – we were able to see so much. We saw the mosque itself and the different prayer rooms – one for men and one for women. The imam was really interesting and answered all of our questions."

Finally, Sophia explained what the most interesting part of the visit was, saying "The most interesting thing I learned was when they prayed there was a lot of different movements – it seemed complicated but I understood that it is part of the way that Muslims worship God. I really enjoyed the trip as it was interesting and taught me so much."

12 February 2019

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