SGC Maths Quest Christmas 2018 - Santa's Surprise SOLUTIONS

St George’s College, Weybridge invited children from Years 5 and 6 at all local schools to take part in the SGC Christmas Maths Quest challenge.

Each Half Term, St George’s College provides a Maths problem for children from Years 5 and 6 to solve. All correct entries will be displayed on the St George’s Weybridge website at

SGC Maths Quest Christmas 2018: Santa's Surprise SOLUTION

Here are the solutions to the latest Maths Quest that took place over the Christmas break:

Order       Child        Present

1st             Sam           Book

2nd            Charlie      Teddy Bear

3rd             Alex           Building Blocks

4th             Harry         Train

There were 8 correct answers received for the Christmas Maths Challenge, so a big congratulations to the following students: 

Freddie Golding, Emily Kondo, Ella Wells, Monty Seagar, Sophia Robinson, Lexie Cooke and Samuel Golding (all from Bishopsgate), and Rafferty Stather (St George's Junior School).

A big well done to everyone that participated and a reminder to keep an eye out for the next Maths Quest which will drop just before half term! 

Download the original Maths Quest here

21 January 2019

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