Robotic Lego alligators take over Junior School

St George's Junior School warmly welcomed educational charity SATRO to the school on Friday 11 May for a very special Lego Robotics workshop.

SATRO, an educational charity and social enterprise based in Guildford, provide real-life experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through a fun-filled and challenging range of programmes designed for children.

This particular visit saw SATRO run a very exciting Lego Robotics workshop for selected pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4. 

The children had to work in small groups to design, build and program a LEGO model. The first task was to create an alligator that could move and make a noise. This provided much joy and satisfaction to the children when they finally figured out how to do it. For those children who mastered the alligator, they were then challenged to create their own designs.

The children had a wonderful time and learnt a lot of new skills.

Soraya (Year 4) talked about how the workshop brought her closer to her friend, saying "I loved working together with Charlotte. We became better friends!"

Jamie (Year 4) commented "It was really fun to program the Lego and see what it could do afterwards!"

Whilst Billy and William (both Year 4), talked about how they overcame some initial hurdles, "We made a mistake with our programming and discovered how to fix the problem and then it worked really well!"

St George's would like to thank SATRO for coming in and helping to inspire our pupils and fuel their passion and enthusiasm for their future careers.

17 May 2018

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