New year - new school Captains!

It’s a new school year – and that means a new Head Girl and Head Boy – and we are delighted to introduce Sienna Lee and Tom Clarke.

Our outgoing Head Boy, Sebastian Bramley, and Deputy Head Boy, Joe Van Hoffen, came back to school at the start of term to meet up with their successors, share their experiences and to have ‘a conversation with the Captains’.

This gave us a wonderful insight into Tom and Sienna’s plans as leaders of the student body. Below is a short précis of that interview:

As Captains, what do you want the younger students to learn from you and how would you do this?

Sienna: Just to be nice to everyone, accept other people and be willing to take part in lots of things. You might discover some things that you didn’t know you are good at.

I want to encourage students to do more outside their comfort zone. I want them to have the confidence to try new things and explore what they want to do, find out who they are as a person. It’s important to develop your own personality.

I like to listen to people, to help people and I’m very interested in leading through being an example that students look up to. I think my character has come through and I hope students respect this character rather than my title.

Tom: I’d like students to learn that they can be successful in a number of different ways – there is no single path to success. Also that the character you build at St George’s is a good one and will stand students in good stead for the rest of their lives.

I always try to lead by example. If I want students to be nice to each other, I have to do that myself. If I want students to challenge themselves and to find the best of themselves by going beyond what they are comfortable with, I have to show them that I can do that too.

We blinked on 31 December 2019 and suddenly it’s September 2021. Time has started moving quickly and we really have to make the most of every opportunity we get.

8 September 2021

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