Kindness Counts: 'Africa' coin collection challenge completed

As part of Kindness Counts Fortnight this term, the pupils have been busy focussing on one of the key values that underpins our family spirit at St George's - 'Hospitality'. 

In order to kick-start Kindess Counts Fortnight, every year group across the school was given a special hospitality challenge, suitable for their age group, that they would attempt to complete during the half term break. The Early Years children were asked to eat with a knife and fork and to tidy away their toys, Key Stage 1 pupils were asked to make their bed every day and to lay the table 3 times, whilst Key Stage 2 children were asked to make 3 cups of tea/coffee, learn how to iron a shirt/blouse and learn how to answer the phone politely (all under their parents' guidance of course!).

Then, once everyone had returned from their half term break, it was time for the big fundraiser! Based around the theme of 'Hospitality', each child and their buddy (dressed in Mufti) from another year group came together to share a cake with one another and also to place two pound coins in the playground so that all of the coins joined up to create the word 'Africa'. This was done so that our friends in Africa can enjoy their own cakes with their buddies.

As part of Kindness Counts Fortnight, pupils from the Junior School learnt all about Josephite communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and discovered how some children their age around the world are much less fortunate than themselves. The children were very keen to help better the lives of the children in the DR Congo in any way that they could.

Once the pupils had finished happily eating their cakes and generously donating their money, the word 'Africa' was spelled out in £1 coins and once all the money had been tallied up, the grand total collected was...£1,140.

It was a wonderful day seeing the children working and playing together and giving so much so that others less fortunate than themselves can enjoy a better quality of life. 

9 November 2018

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