First look: interior of Junior School New Build – ‘THE ARK’

As the Junior School New Build – named ‘THE ARK’ – comes closer to completion and the interior structure begins to take shape, a sneak preview gives a sense of the unique learning environment that the exciting new development will provide for children of St George’s Junior School.

Through the images below, one can appreciate the huge amount of planning that goes into such a project, and the exceptional feats of engineering needed to execute it. The vast network of electrical cabling, the unique multi-coloured tiling on the exterior and the controls for the sophisticated under floor heating system are just a few of the highlights from the photo shoot, which took place on Friday 24 July.

Another treat was the opportunity to have a close look at the living ‘sedum’ roof’, which, despite appearing from a distance to look like grass, is actually made up of a variety of dense, low maintenance shrubs.

Recap: 'THE ARK’ new Lower Years’ Building

‘THE ARK’ at St George’s Junior School, Weybridge is set to open in autumn 2015.

Specifically for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils, THE ARK will soon offer new, modern classrooms and resource areas, a dedicated IT suite, a new assembly room, new outdoor learning areas along with other features.

The Junior School’s existing Nursery building is also being completely refurbished to the most up to date standards and is planned to open in spring 2016.

In addition, the Junior School’s front car park facing onto Thames Street will include a new coach pick up and drop off zone, which is being put in place to help ease the flow of local road traffic.

Once built, the new, environmentally friendly facilities will provide for existing pupil numbers rather than any expansion.

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24 July 2015

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