Discount rates for Fees in Advance Scheme for 2019/20

St George’s is pleased to offer a Fees in Advance Scheme which permits parents to pay towards their child’s future years of education in return for an attractive discount, particularly when paying for 3+ years ahead. The Scheme is beneficial to the School by providing useful additional cash and reducing the costs of bank borrowing when, for example, funding major capital projects.

Although we accept that the Scheme will apply to a minority of parents, we wish to maximise uptake as it helps to reduce our overall costs to the benefit of all parents.


The discount offered against forecast future fees are as follows:

1.5% discount for 1 year pre-payment

1.7% discount each year for 2 years

4.4% discount each year for 3 years

6.0% discount each year for 4 years

7.7% discount each year for 5 years

For beyond 5 years please contact the Finance Department

Payment for fees in advance is due by 31 July 2019.

To find out more about the savings you could make through our Fees in Advance Scheme, please CLICK HERE.

For more information please see the links below or contact Mr James Fontaine, Assistant Accountant, on 01932 839478 or at

Fees in Advance Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions

Fees in Advance Terms and Conditions and Agreement

24 April 2019

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