Children enjoy special workshop on Sikhism

As part of the RE Curriculum at St George's Junior School, the pupils study a different major world faith each year. Last year the children learnt all about Judaism, and this year the boys and girls have been looking at Sikhism. 

The purpose of these study units is to ensure that the children are aware of other faiths and are able to learn about them so that they can grow in understanding and respect.

In order to get their study of Sikhism off to an exciting start, the pupils welcomed a company called BHS Educational Workshops to the Junior School on the 5 and 6 October to deliver a series of fascinating workshops to each year group from Years 1 – 6. 

These workshops provided some hands-on experience for the children and stimulated their curiosity in this interesting faith. Before they could enter the workshops, they had to remove their shoes, as is custom in the Sikh faith. They were then given the opportunity to learn all about the history of the Sikh religion. They discovered the background behind the faith, they learnt about what a Sikh's beliefs are and they were also shown some very special religious objects used within the Sikh community.

To top it off, some of the children were invited to dress up in traditional Sikh clothing (long beards and all), whilst every child received a special Sikh stamp on their hands as a parting gift.

The girls and boys from all year groups really enjoyed learning about another faith and were enthused to learn more about Sikhism. 

Thomas in Year 5 said: "I had a really good experience because we were told all about Sikhs and what they would wear and what everything represented. I really hope that we will do another workshop like it again soon. I learned so much and want to learn more!"

Whilst Jake, also in Year 5, commented: "I really enjoyed seeing people getting dressed up, but most of all I enjoyed learning about the Sikh religion. I learned that Sikhs don’t cut their hair and that you will always be invited to share their meals if you visit a Sikh temple, which is called a Gurdwara."

11 October 2017

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