Able writers' workshop

On Monday the 23rd June pupils from Year Five and Six took part in an Able Writers' Workshop at the Junior School together with pupils from other local schools including Saxon, St James, St Anne’s and Our Lady, with award winning author, Ali Sparkes.

The morning began with an inspirational talk on how Ali Sparkes became an author. Our favourite bit was definitely the Whirly-Whirly, a black and white spiral which was spun on a drill to make an illusion effect. We were told how difficult it is to have a book published. Ali herself was turned down a number of times just like J.K Rowling whose first Harry Potter book was turned down a shocking 12 times!

We then had a great time dressing what is known as a naked paragraph. A naked paragraph is a very dull, plain piece of writing with no description at all. Our job was to dress it by adding description and actions to make it more interesting.

The next task was to go outside and find some inspiration to write an opening paragraph to a story. We then worked in groups or individually to create a catchy title, blurb and interesting opening paragraph. Stories ranged from C.O.M.P.A.C.T, an action packed adventure, to Super Granny, a story about… well…. a super granny.

The afternoon ended with all the participants voting for their favourite story. Well done to Max Culpin for writing the winning story, C.O.M.P.A.C.T which received 10 votes!

Thank you to Ali Sparkes for joining us and to Mrs McIntyre-Gay for organising the event.

Evie Banks and Max Culpin

Junior School pupils

Below is an extract from the opening paragraph of C.O.M.P.A.C.T:

Your heart beats faster and faster, the overdrive is shutting down. Soon after the gravity tank follows. You scramble for your hard monitor.

“Overdrive oxygen flow reached 17%.”

Your heart skips a beat.

“Engage evac station!” You call out, your heart racing.

“I’m sorry but the monitor has lost connection. Access denied!” The computer replies.

“Oxygen reached 10 %.”

Your luck is running out.

“Are there any backup systems online?”

“Only the hard point drop-station is still intact sir.”

“Argh!” you cry out.

“Oxygen reached 5%. Self-destruct sequence initialised.”

25 June 2014

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