Drama activities are available to every child at St.George's. Drama enhances listening and speaking skills and encourages confidence and empathy, giving everyone a chance to participate, perform and express themselves.

All contributions are welcome and all participants equally valued. Drama is actively linked to other subject areas of the curriculum and enhances learning across the school.

In the Lower School children take part in a number of activities which use language and actions to explore and convey situations, characters and emotions. Drama is linked to every subject and activities include: circle time, role play, hot seating and performance.

During their time at the Junior School, all pupils have the opportunity to perform in Year Group productions. Drama Clubs are offered as part of our After School Enrichment Activity programme. In addition pupils experience visiting workshops, as well as theatre trips.

In the Upper School Drama is used within the contexts of other subjects as a method for exploration or to enhance understanding. Further development of language and communication skills are an essential element of drama work at all ages. Year Four pupils have one timetabled drama lesson a week. In Year Five and Six we have introduced a split music and drama session as part of the weekly timetable; this allows us to give a higher profile to drama, music and dance and to develop drama skills.
Year Six are encouraged to enrol in a ten week course to prepare them for a LAMDA Speech and Drama examination during the Spring Term.

Drama is a subject to be enjoyed and is an enormously wide learning and teaching medium which is an integral part of the Curriculum.