Art and Design


The Art course at St. George's Junior School has been planned so that each year group covers a range of skills; drawing, painting, printing, design and/or textiles.

Pupils are able to develop their own ways of expressing ideas and representing visually what they observe, experience and imagine and then learn how to record these observations from life and develop ideas for an end product.

The Art department's aim is to create an exciting and visually stimulating environment, in which the pupils use a variety of media to develop their artistic skills in a supportive environment. So that, by the time the pupils leave the Junior School, they should be confident enough to be creative and experimental with media to express their ideas visually in an independent manner.

The Reception to Year 3 are taught art by their class teachers, often using year topics as the basis for their art work; whereas Years 4 - 6 are all taught by a Specialist Art teacher, using a range of artists and their creative styles as their starting points.


The Design/Technology department provides the facilities for manufacture and construction; using wood, ceramics, plastics and textiles. The subject is covered through the use of individual project work with each pupil producing a range of projects during the year. The nature and emphasis of these projects are designed to give each pupil a good grounding in all of the main aspects of the subject and the specific techniques and skills required when working with machines, tools and unfamiliar resources.

All pupils entering the school are taught Design/Technology through a range of projects that incorporate materials and mechanisms. Throughout each project pupils will be encouraged not to be satisfied with their initial ideas but to expand, modify and improve these ideas and to find the best way of expressing them three-dimensionally.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to comment on and compare their work with that of others; they will also develop their understanding of, and control over, a wide variety of materials. Years 5 and 6 learn the design process to solve practical problems and create innovative products, while developing basic graphical skills.

The Reception to Year 3 are taught Design/Technology by their class teachers, often using year topics as the basis for their work; whereas Years 4 - 6 are all taught by a Specialist Design/Technology teacher, using a range of resistant and non-resistant materials and design orientated problems to create artefacts and solutions.