Third Year

We continue to welcome new students joining us at 13+ each year. Following a shift over time where the majority of our families want their children to join the College at 11+, the number joining us at 13+ has become smaller, and we now plan for these smaller cohorts by accommodating more at 11+.

Process for application

Families are encouraged to have their first introduction to the College by attending one of the Open Mornings in April or September. Open Mornings offer prospective families an informal visit to the College, with tours and a chance to talk to staff. The Headmistress makes an address to families at intervals throughout the morning.

Prospective parents are encouraged to talk to their prep school Heads about the choice of St George’s for their child. Almost all local prep schools feed into the College but some will know us better than others. Parents may also wish to request a smaller-group appointment with the Headmistress, usually after the family has first attended an Open Morning. A short tour with younger students can also be arranged at this time.

When parents feel that St George’s is a strong possible choice for their child, they are encouraged to register onlineRegistration must take place before 1 November when the child is in Year 6 (i.e. 3 years prior to 13+ entry into Year 9).

Selection criteria and process

The following criteria are used to determine entry:

There is an expectation that the family are sympathetic to the Christian, Catholic, Josephite ethos of St George’s. It is important for families and the College that we ensure the likely success of a candidate through Common Entrance. We would never wish to turn someone away in their Common Entrance year. To do this we run two Pre-test sessions.


Candidates must be under 12 years of age on 31 August of the year of theoretical entry into First Year (Year 7), or under 14 years of age on 31 August of the year of prospective entry into the Third Year (Year 9).

11+ Pre-Test Entrance examination

The entrance examination for 13+ entry takes place two years prior to entry, in January of Year 6 and is known as the 11+ Pre-Test (thus the Pre-Test for September 2023 13+ entry takes place in January 2021). Candidates sit the same examination papers as those seeking entry at age 11. Parents need to stipulate before the examination that the application is for 13+. If successful in the Pre-Test, candidates are offered a definite, deferred place for entry into the Third Year and families are not permitted to subsequently change a 13+ application into an 11+ application.

Families are asked to note that the date of the entrance examination can be very early in January and therefore any Christmas and New Year holiday plans will need to take this into account. The examination date is organised in consultation with other major independent schools. To show understanding and support to candidates who choose to also sit entrance exams for other schools, in the event of a clash the College may offer the opportunity to sit our 11+ exams on a fixed alternative day, at its own discretion. Please note that other than the main 11+ exam day and the alternative day, no other arrangements will be offered.

Candidates come to the College for a whole day and we try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible!

Four areas are assessed:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • A Mathematics paper
  • An English paper (assessing extended writing, comprehension and technical skills)

The Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning are tested online using the CEM Select Evaluate Abilities assessment devised by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Durham (now part of the Cambridge Assessment family). Details of a familiarisation web-link will be sent to families in advance of the test date and CEM’s general parental guidance can be found on the Admissions Downloads page. The online tests are very similar to traditional paper versions and there is a range of CEM-specific, paper-based practice material from various publishers available online and in bookshops

Samples of our Mathematics and English papers are also available on the Admissions Downloads page. These two papers are set and marked by the College.

Candidates will also have a short interview with a senior member of staff.

Please contact our Admissions Office on 01932 839437 if you have any questions or queries about the application process.

Families will be told in advance when the results will be published.

The College reserves the right to change the above process and guidance at any time.

For further information on our Open Mornings please click here.

If you would like to receive a prospectus please complete our Enquiry Form, or click here to register online.