Our Mission Statement says that: "we seek to inspire a love of learning and to encourage all to fulfil their aspirations and potential" and it is this ambition that underpins our Scholarship programme.

Scholarships are awarded at the College to recognise previous achievement, acknowledge existing excellence and to show the importance that the College places upon various areas of the academic and wider curriculum.

Scholarships include Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport and are awarded at:

Age 11- please click here

Age 13 (Applications are welcome from external applicants and current Second Year students) - please click here

Age 16 - please click here

All the scholarships detailed above carry with them a 10% remission of the basic school fees. Please note that this remission applies only for scholarships awarded on entry to the school; all internal scholarships made subsequently are classed as ‘Honorary’. Honorary scholarships do not carry any fee remission, but are identical to entry scholarships in every other respect.

If a child is awarded more than one scholarship, any additional scholarship will be classed as ’Honorary’ – i.e. there is no further fee remission attached and is capped at 10%. All other benefits of the scholarship are identical.

Scholarships should not be confused with bursaries. The latter are allocated to existing College families in the case of proven financial need. Similarly, St George's College has an Assisted Places Scheme for new students where there is a proven financial need.

Scholarship Activities