Admissions policy

The main points of admission into the College are at:

  • 11+. This is the College’s First Year (National Curriculum Year 7)
  • 13+. This is the College’s Third Year (National Curriculum Year 9)
  • 16+. This is the College’s Sixth Form (National Curriculum Year 12)

Specific detail with regard to each of these entry points can be found on the following pages.

Entry into the College is determined using the following selection criteria:

  • The family must be sympathetic to the Christian, Catholic, Josephite ethos of the College (see below)
  • Performance in the appropriate entrance examinations (11+, Pre-test, Common Entrance or GCSEs)
  • A positive reference from the previous school
  • Demonstration by parents of a clear interest in the College
  • The presence of a sibling already in the College or previous family connections
  • The child is a pupil of the Junior School
  • Interviews may be used for borderline or Sixth Form applicants

Although a day school, the College is fortunate, because of its location, to have children whose families bring a wide diversity of national background. We do not discriminate in terms of race, sex or disability. Please see here  for further details on children with disabilities or special educational needs. Families seeking more information about the Christian and Catholic nature of the school should read the Guidance Notes; copies of which are available from the Admissions Office.

Upon the completion of the admissions process for a particular year of entry, should parents wish to obtain more information about the School’s decision or are dissatisfied with the process, they should contact the Admissions Manager.

Entry into other Year Groups:

When spaces become available, entry is possible at the start of other years or during a School year. This does not apply to/during the Fifth Year (Year 11) or the Upper Sixth (Year 13). Parents should initially enquire as to the availability of spaces from the Admissions Office. Waiting lists are often held in such circumstances and the criteria listed would still apply. Students entering the Fourth Year (Year 10), would need to be able to show that their academic profile was strong enough in order to accommodate a particularly challenging point of entry.

July 2018