Art at St George's College aims to stimulate students to think inventively, to acquire manipulative and perceptual skills, to form visual images and to develop critical judgment.

(GCSE art piece created by Issy Carey)

This is achieved through studio-based activities and home-based research. Confidence precedes competence and eventual excellence in Art, and to this end, the Department seeks to foster in students an understanding of their own work as well as developing a deeper appreciation of the tradition within which they work.

The Art Department has excellent facilities, including a purpose built pottery, fine art studios and an apple mac suite. All First Year students have two periods of Art. Second years have three periods and Third years have two periods.

Approximately 40% of the Fourth Year select Art for GCSE. At A Level Art, the subject is a popular option with around 15% of the Sixth Form pursuing this wide ranging course, which can include video, stage design and fashion besides fine art, graphics and photography.

In the Sixth Form we support our students with many after school activities such as life drawing, art school portfolio classes, visits to galleries and an annual trip abroad.