Technology at the College is taught in a modern and well equipped specialist centre consisting of two workshops, an electronics lab, a computer room, a clean room and a newly refitted food room.

In the Lower School, First and Second Years, students are split into groups of about 15. In their groups they will rotate in a carousel covering aspects of Resistant Materials and Food and Nutrition. In the Third Year, students are able to select three out of the six subjects that the College offer that could be broadly described as the Arts and Technologies.

In the Fourth Year students can select from one of the following GCSEs – Resistant Materials technology or Food and Nutrition.

The Department prides itself on a modern and progressive approach to the subject and firmly believes that modern technology should rest upon a good grounding in the scientific principles, which underlie it.

In Resistant Materials and Systems extensive use is made of our own computer suite for CAD and CAM, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, work – all our electronics projects are conducted using programmable microchips. Programming is taught from First Year onwards. In Food / Nutrition the room is also equipped with a full set of laptops with dedicated software.

Resistant Materials and Food and Nutrition are offered to GCSE level only.

In the Sixth Form students are offered Design Technology and Computing A Levels.