Modern Languages

The Languages Department at St George’s College allows students to explore French, Spanish, and German through their time at the School. In addition Mandarin is offered as an after school disbursed activity.

On entry into St George’s, First Year students study three lessons per week of either French, German or Spanish depending on the language choice they made prior to joining the College. Students are taught in mixed ability sets of approximately 22 students. In their Second Year, students continue to study their chosen language.

Students will make a further language option choice early in the Easter Term of the Second Year, after having experienced some taster sessions in the languages they are not currently studying. This language will be added to their initial First Year language choice as their second language for the Third Year. Students are also able to continue to study Latin in the Third Year rather than choose a second modern language.

In the Third Year at St George’s, students study three lessons of each language selected, in the Fourth Year at St George’s student will study three lessons of at least one Modern Language and often two depending on options. In the Fifth Year at St George’s they will study three lessons of at least one Modern Language and possibly two depending on options leading to a IGCSE exam.

Many of our able linguists take up two languages to IGCSE, and we make every effort to help them with option choices to make this possible, and a growing number of students continue with at least one modern language to A Level.

Students in their IGCSE years regularly practise their spoken language skills with our Foreign Language Assistants, and have regular one to one speaking support on the approach to their speaking exam. At A Level students meet in groups of two with the Assistants for one period per week and also have extra support during exam season

The Languages Department arranges a number of international trips for students to allow them to immerse themselves in the languages they are learning. Recent trips include: Second Year residential trip to Paris, Third Year residential trip to Spain and Germany Fourth to Sixth Form Immersion Study Trips to France, Germany, and Spain.

In addition to trips, the Languages Department, through their society, runs a wide range of engaging extra-curricular activities and events to support our students’ learning and to add to their enjoyment of the languages. These include a weekly Foreign Film Club including specific film seasons which cover A Level topics, a range of talks on special interest topics, a Languages Newsletter, and Theatre and Cinema Trips

In recent years our students have won the National French Travel Writing Competition, The Oxford University Film Writing Competition, third place in the Independent Schools' Spanish Debating Competition, and we have also reached the Finals of the National Spelling Bee in French. Former students have gone on to win awards at university, such as Oxford University’s Cyril Jones Award for Spanish.