Mathematics is beautiful and very exciting. It is everywhere, in the air you breathe, the footpaths you walk on, the bus routes you take. It is in the form of shapes, patterns, numbers and arguments. We do not believe Mathematics is just a series of rote exercises performed in the classroom, it is far deeper than that, we want students to reach a point where they feel Maths is part of them.

Studying mathematics encourages logical thought and an analytical approach to solving problems. However, Mathematics is not just about grades, students should be studying it to enrich their knowledge.  

At St George’s students are given a broad mathematical education and are prepared fully for examinations and studies at sixth form. Our aims are:

  • Engage and stretch students regardless of ability.
  • Ensure students enjoy the subject, they should feel they have accomplished a good amount of work in lessons.
  • Enrich students experience of Mathematics; encourage them to take part in the Maths Bauble competition, celebrate 'pie day', attend lectures at the Institute of Education, take part in UKMT maths competitions, as well as the Inter-house Maths competition.
  • To push students to take risks in Mathematics. Students are encouraged to explore different avenues via investigations until they arrive to a correct solution.
  • Teach students to work in a logical coherent manner which result in elegant solutions.
  • Use the latest software such as MyMaths and Mathsnet.
  • Encourage students to think about Mathematics beyond the confines of the syllabus
  • Promote set changes as a positive move, up or down. The idea is to develop an environment that allows every child to progress at the right pace thus allowing concepts to be absorbed properly.
  • Rely less on calculators and more on brain power!


At GCSE, all sets cover the following topics: number, algebra, geometry, measures, statistics and probability. The lower sets have fewer students, which allows more teacher interaction and one to one support. Our results are excellent, across the full ability range.

At A Level, an A grade or Grade 7 in GCSE mathematics is an essential prerequisite for embarking on this course. At this level Mathematics is demanding but thoroughly enjoyable. It is a facilitating subject as it supports numerous other A Level subjects and helps towards studies at a higher level. We also offer Further Mathematics which is delivered at a fast pace and yet is thoroughly enjoyed by our exceptional Mathematicians.