The aim of the English Department is to ensure that all students acquire the language skills to be able to write proficiently in a number of registers, to have a high level of literacy and to enjoy and understand their own culture and the diversity of other cultures through the enrichment of literature.

To these ends, English is taught with equal emphasis on reading, writing and the development of oral skills. Throughout the year a balanced programme is followed to ensure that all aspects of each student’s command of, and response to, language and literature are fully developed.

The National Learning Strategies at Key Stages Three, First to Third Year, and Key Stage Four, Fourth and Fifth Years, are part of the basic core of the English programme of studies but our own schemes of work go far beyond the statutory requirements so as to challenge and enrich all our students at all levels.

A very wide range of reading is covered in each year and close links with the Library exist to foster the centrality of books in all students’ lives. Visiting poets and authors, study days and theatre visits are a feature of the English programme throughout the age range. Students are also often entered for a creative writing and poetry competition where they have often been successful.

All students will take English Language and Literature IGCSE, International General Certificate of Secondary Education, examinations. A large number of students study English at A Level and many carry it through to University level. Special courses and tuition are provided for students who aspire to Oxbridge entry.