The College Library is open for students throughout the College day - before registration, during class time, lunch time and after school.

It provides a safe and quiet environment where students can read and research, offering access to computers and net books as well as a collection of over 12,000 books and online e-resources; All e resources as well as the library catalogue are available to use throughout the College. Newspapers, periodicals and magazines are all part of the services offered enriching our provision to students.

Our collection of books is still the core of the Library and we are justly proud of the range and provision for all students. The College Librarian meets each term with subject library reps and on a yearly basis with all Heads of Department to discuss resources held within the library and to ensure that our students have access to the most up to date information within each subject area, particular attention is given to the provision of books for A-level courses.

Reading is central to College life and the Library works particularly closely with the English department ensuring that years 1, 2 and 3 (who have an assigned Library lesson within the curriculum) are assisted in their book selection from the different genres chosen each half term. We know that a book is a very personal choice so careful consultation and collaboration to find a book in a genre that will open the door to that love of reading is of particular importance. Students are encouraged to recommend books this is their library and their input is of particular importance to us.

Most departments send pupils either individually, in groups or as a whole class to make use of the Library and the Library staff are always on hand to help pupils or teachers with research if required.

Displays both of students work and also on major topics enhance the library making it an attractive and purposeful place in which to work. Displays are changed on a regular basis reflecting what is happening within the College and in the wider world, books augment all the displays which encourage our students to pursue a breadth of knowledge as well as stimulating the imagination.

The College Library looks to the future by ensuring that our students become proficient library users. Workshops on library use and updates on resources are regularly given to staff and students

The College Library is constantly evolving and in this age of Information, Information,Information we need to ensure that our students know how to find, explore, process and analyse in preparation for their future.

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