There is an exciting programme of activities for every year group with the overarching aim that the students will reach their full potential in the work place.

Our young people must be able to identify the skills needed for this success so in the Fourth Year they write their CVs. Adapting to change is an important ability too hence in the Third Year they complete the “Be Real Game” which mimics the challenges of modern life.

Jobs in the 21st Century are in many cases different to those of the 20th. Therefore the Second Years complete an activity highlighting the work involved in the development of the superfast shark swimsuits. The Fourth Yyears attend a careers convention where they hear about modern jobs such as the roles involved in the construction of the new green buildings in the junior school and from laws involved in hi-tech patent applications.

It is important that our students have exposure to the tremendous range of employment opportunities in the world today. Hence there are careers evenings for the Fifth and Sixth Forms covering such topics as “High Flying Careers” and “Science and Technology”.

There is nothing like seeing the world of work for a student to understand where they would like to place themselves in the future. Therefore the Fourth Years work shadow parents; the Fifth Year have a week's work experience; the Sixth Form build up a portfolio of activities that involve visits to work places.

Overall from the First Year onwards students are encouraged to take part in activities within the College that will develop their own unique selling point which will differentiate them from other potential employees. The students can develop that part of their skill set which makes them special whether it be movie making, newspaper editing or negotiating on the college council.

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