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The Academic Support department aims to assist those students in the College who have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) or Special Educational Needs and/or Disability (SEND) in achieving their potential.

Additional learning needs are met through a graduated response. High quality teaching, appropriately differentiated for individual students, is seen as the first step in responding to possible ALN or SEND. Firstly all teachers are expected to have an understanding of the additional learning needs of students in their classes. 

This understanding and competence will enable students to participate effectively in all curriculum areas and assessment activities, in addition to the broader aspects of college life.


Academic Support, in accordance with the College Mission Statement, aims to:

“Create an environment where all, whatever their strengths and weaknesses, will be equally valued and encouraged to fulfil their aspirations and potential.”

Academic Support seeks to achieve this through:

  • Specialist provision for students with a range of additional learning needs
  • The dissemination of relevant information to staff regarding the nature of an individual student’s additional learning needs
  • Working in partnership with the student, parents, subject departments, the pastoral team and, if necessary, outside agencies to support full access to the curriculum
  • Monitoring the progress of students who are on the Academic Support Information lists
  • Academic Support lessons are offered to students who need additional or different support. The primary focus of academic support lessons is study skills
  • Consultation with Subject Departments on the development of differentiated teaching strategies
  • The organisation of Access Arrangements e.g. extra time in examinations, if appropriate

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Academic Support Lessons

Academic Support lessons are on an individual/small group withdrawal basis with the primary aim of helping the student to realise their potential. 

Students will be assessed as to their individual needs and how they can best be supported. Students are actively involved in the decision making process of where to target support. Targets are created together which reflect the individual needs of the student. 

The primary focus in Academic Support lessons is on the development of study skills. Support is monitored and reviewed twice a year by informal and formal assessment to ensure progress. Parents and students will be invited to take part in the review and the target setting progress. These meetings will take place in September and January. There is an additional cost for these lessons.

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Academic Support Teacher

Tracy Medhurst
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Reviewed: August 2018

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