Drama promotes confidence and creativity as well as enhancing the communication and teamwork skills that are so important to employers.

Higher level study of drama is not just for aspiring actors but for all those entering a workplace where the ability to give engaging presentations will be vital in pursuing a successful career.

During the First and Second Years we will provide a general foundation that will both prepare students for further study and develop the tools and knowledge for them to appreciate the role that drama will continue to play in their lives. We use a variety of skills and techniques to explore issues, texts and meanings and develop control in using the elements and medium of drama in order to structure work for an audience.

In the Third Year, students are able to select three out of the six subjects that the College offer that could be broadly described as the Arts and Technologies.

Drama is a popular option at GCSE and during the course of study students are expected to engage maturely with complex texts, to make connections across different times, places and cultures and to communicate this learning through practical assignments. Time is taken to build the necessary confidence in performance and opportunities are given for students to work creatively with lighting and sound.

At A Level, students will acquire the analytical abilities that will enable them to make sophisticated judgements on the relationship between dramatic theory and practice. Working as part of an ensemble is crucial during the exploration of texts and in developing work for performance. Theatre visits are an important means to deepen awareness of the theatre as a site of production and reception and students are given the opportunity to evaluate the complex relationship between the two. During the course, students are encouraged to develop as theatre practitioners and use the art form of drama to create and communicate meaning with a sophisticated awareness of social, cultural and historical factors.

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