GCSE Results 2019

Georgians do it again!

The record-breaking run of St George’s GCSE students has continued this year, with eight in every 10 papers graded 9-7 (A*/A) and 97% marked as 9-5 (A*/B).

“Our Fifth Year students should be exceptionally proud of themselves,” said Rachel Owens, Headmistress. “These wonderful results are a testament to both their hard work and the commitment of their teaching staff. It is so fortunate that St George’s attracts both ambitious students and dedicated staff.”

A perfectly balanced array of subjects saw over half of all students achieving 9-8 (A*):

In seven subjects, over a third of all students achieved a 9: Biology (36%), Chemistry (33%), German (30%), Music (50%), Latin (43%), Maths (32%) and Physics (43%). In Further Maths, 43% also secured a 9-8 (A*).

Congratulations must also go to our top performers, pictured above and below, including: Ekaterina A, Alice G, Jasmine P, Rachel W (not pictured), Seb B, Joel C, Charlotte L, Emily M, Dan O, James S, Joe VH, Millie W, John W, Charlie A, Issey B, Ollie C (not pictured), Sophie H, Ferdi Robson (not pictured) and Marylin Willis (not pictured).

Joel, Seb and Rachel also won the ultimate award of A* with Distinction in Further Maths.

Interestingly, six of our top students joined St George’s 13 years ago in the Nursery!

“Teaching young people such as these is a real privilege,” said Emma Brambell, Head of Fifth Year. “We have watched them coming on in leaps and bounds in the last two years and they have really earned their success.”

Students in the first year of GCSE also had reason to celebrate, with 100% of the 16 Fourth Years taking French IGCSE achieving a Grade 9 (A*) and 76% of the full year group achieving 9-7 (A*/A) in English Language – as did the seven students who opted to take on an additional GCSE in their own time (Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, French and Turkish).

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