Students have infinite fun celebrating 'International Pi Day'

Students from all year groups at St George's College gathered together on Tuesday 14 March (3/14) to celebrate 'International Pi Day'.

Pi (π) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant - the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter - which as we all know is 3.14159. Therefore 'Pi Day' is celebrated all around the world on March 14 by mathematicians, students and teachers.

Pi has an infinite nature as the number will continue forever without repetition or pattern. This means there are lots of fun games and challenges to be played and solved, which is exactly what the students at the College were tasked with doing on Tuesday.

The children had to memorise a certain amount of digits beyond the decimal point, they had to try and draw the perfect circle, there was a circular hula hoop to see who could perform as many hoops as possible in a timed contest and there were lots of Pi puns dotted around the room that had to be solved. 

Solve the puzzle, draw the perfect circle or give a correct answer and you were awarded with a sweet. The children had lots of fun trying to figure out all the different puzzles and certainly won their fair share of sweets!

15 March 2017

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