Assisted Places

The St George's Weybridge Assisted Places Scheme is aimed at families who would otherwise find independent education unachievable due to financial reasons, or who are already benefitting from an equivalent scheme at their current school.

The Scheme offers fee relief up to 100% for those applying for a place at the College at 11+ and where available at 13+ and 16+ entry. All children are required to reach the academic entry requirements of St George's.

Fee discounts may include additional assistance with uniforms, school bus, compulsory school lunches, essential academic trips and exam fees.

All children undergo either an assessment or entrance exam before they are offered a place at St George’s Weybridge.

Applications required for non-standard entry may be accepted if vacancies exist. Please contact the Admissions Office at the address overleaf to confirm availability.

How to apply

St George’s Weybridge uses Bursary Administration Ltd (BAL) for the financial assessment of Assisted Place applications. BAL are registered as a Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office. To view their website please visit

Parents will be expected to provide a full financial disclosure to BAL, who may pass these details onto us. BAL will also arrange a home visit as part of the assessment process.

Please complete and return the Enquiry Form below. BAL will then provide a financial disclosure statement for your completion in order to assess your eligibility for this scheme. 

Assisted Places Enquiry Form

Please contact for further information.